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College Admissions Program

Applying for college admission can be confusing, difficult, and frustrating. We can hurdle any obstacle and ensure that your application highlights the best version of yourself.

Here’s how it works:

The college application process can be daunting and stressful. We will make it as clear and as painless as possible. You will receive step-by-step guidance through:

Step 1: Parent meeting
The counselor holds a meeting with parents to discuss important aspects of the application process, such as selecting appropriate “reach,” “match,” and “safety” schools and weighing tuition costs.
Step 2: Creating Common App
The counselor will help the students set up his or her Common App and Naviance account and ensure they are aware of all required materials (SAT scores, teacher recommendations) and deadlines.
Step 3: Finalize School List
The counselor meets individually with each student for 1-2 hours to finalize a list of 5-10 schools to which the student will complete applications, ensuring a proper balance of “reach,” “match,” and “safety” schools.
Step 4: Drafting the Common App essay
Counselor and student brainstorm essay topics that the student feels confident he or she could write about passionately and compellingly. After the student selects a topic, the counselor will guide him or her through multiple drafts of the essay until it is polished and ready to submit.
Step 5: Drafting Supplements
The counselor and student evaluate what additional supplements are required and develop a plan to write 2-3 essays that can be used for multiple applications.
Step 6: Finalize Applications
The counselor meticulously reviews each individual essay and application before the student submits.

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