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International ESL Program

BLC provides a wide range of services for international students. With over twenty years of experience with English language learners and home-stay students, we understand the particular challenges of studying in the U.S. from abroad. Parents can feel assured that we will attend to students’ full range of academic needs.

BLC offers the following the services for international students:

  1. Private school search for individual needs
  2. School applications and 1-20
  3. Homestay family matching
  4. English reading and writing development
  5. School subject tutoring
  6. Activities and volunteering
  7. Talents and interest development
  8. Mentoring
  9. Cultural experiences and field trips
  10. Communication with parents, school, and tutors

ESL Program

  1. Summer and winter ESL program ( 8 weeks)

    Students from Korea and China can enroll in intensive English language programs over winter and summer break. Often these students’ goal is to study at an international school in Korea or to study abroad in the near future. BLC maintains the same curricula as the Bellevue school district, with an emphasis on reading and writing. Students will engage closely with literature, science, and history texts, while learning to write clearly and effectively.

  2. Private school to top-notch university prep

    Most students come here in 7/8th grade while attending private school, which can issue an I-20 for international students. We assist with school work and homework, in addition to English reading and writing development. We provide a wide range of services in standardized test preparation. Further, we help to arrange volunteer work, extracurricular activities, sports, and music lessons. Finally, we will work closely with students throughout the college application process, ensuring that our students fulfill their academic dreams.

  3. Community college to four-year state university

    Students who graduated from high school in Korea will enroll in an A.A. degree program at Bellevue Community College for two years and transfer in their third year to a state university. The A.A. Program is available in four departments: Liberal Arts, Business, Education, and Engineering. While students are attending Bellevue Community College, BLC will provide tutoring in English language, English reading and writing, college subjects, and transfer admissions. With our help, many of our students transfer to top-tier state universities.

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