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Reading Power

Grades 1-11

Reading is one of the most fundamental components of education. Even as technology encroaches on every aspect of our lives, reading remains a crucial skill in the classroom and beyond. However, critical reading involves more than passive reception; it requires close, analytical attention and acuity.

BLC Reading Power equips students with robust verbal skills and reasoning abilities that will serve them in the classroom and in life.

Our students learn to analyze and evaluate textual material, becoming active readers, cogent thinkers, and first-rate test-takers. When students enroll in one of our reading classes, they will:

  1. Take a STAR Reading level test
  2. Receive a curriculum which will include reading books, a vocabulary book, and writing assignments
  3. Read critically in the classroom and at home
  4. Learn new vocabulary and hone writing skills
  5. Take a diagnostic test every six months

Sample session:

  • Vocabulary quiz: 15 words
  • New vocabulary review: 50 words from Fiske: Word Power
  • Discuss Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis chapter 2, reading comprehension questions:
    1. 1) At first, Gregor’s family feels sorry for him and tries to care for him in whatever way possible. How does their treatment of him degrade over time, and why?
    2. 2) When Gregor is no longer able to help provide for his family, he feels disappointment in himself. To what degree should he feel sorry for the difficulties his new life situation has caused for his family? Is he responsible for their crisis, or is he also a victim?
    3. 3) What does it say about the level of humanity left inside Gregor that he begins to prefer eating old, spoiled food to eating fresh food?
  • Review grammar: MLA citation style

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