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SAT/ACT Intensive Program

The SAT/ACT Intensive Program at BLC is designed for students seeking significant improvement in their SAT/ACT Verbal, Writing, and Quantitative Math scores. Sessions offer a combination of skills and training from SAT/ACT experts to familiarize students with the material that matters most on the test and maximize overall test scores.


SAT/ACT English

The Critical Reading curriculum encompasses 2000 vocabulary words essential for the SAT/ACT. Teachers will emphasize not only memorization but proper usage and retention of all vocabulary words. Students will develop the skills they need to analyze complex passages critically as well as to gain proficiency in the sentence completion section.

In the Writing curriculum students will also build (or rebuild) a fundamental grammar core. The course will help them develop essay organization, persuasive writing techniques, and concrete details necessary for the SAT/ACT essay.



SAT/ACT Math covers Algebra I and II and Geometry. Tutors will review critical concepts, paying attention to common mistakes and test strategy. Focus is on specific problem types which appear on the test and word problems which give students difficulty.

Not only do students complete many practice tests, but they analyze their results, paying close attention to their mistakes and types of problem missed. Many BLC students receive perfect scores in Math after completing the course.


SAT Subject Tests

Bellevue Learning Center offers tutoring in the following SAT Subject Tests:

  • Math level 2
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • English Literature
  • Biology
  • U.S. History
  • World History

Learning Opportunities

Weekly Group Class

Group classes for SAT/ACT English or Math are held weekly throughout the school year.

Individual Tutoring

Individual lessons admit a learning experienced customized to the needs of each student.

Summer Intensive Program

The 4 or 8 week summer intensive program provides a comprehensive preparation experience.

Winter Intensive Program

Scheduled over the winter break from school, this is a perfect opportunity to refocus on SAT/ACT preparation.

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