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AP Test Preparation

Grades 10 through 12

AP exam scores can be used for college credit, course placement, or demonstrating your proficiency and interest in specific subjects and your overall academic seriousness. BLC offers one-on-one tutoring in all AP subjects, including year-round AP course assistance and end of year final preparation for the tests in early May.

TOEFL Preparation

Grades 6 through 11

BLC’s Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOFEL) preparation course helps strengthen the student’s language skills in the areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Each student will receive a thorough grounding in writing strategy, English grammar and standard usage, and critical reading techniques. Also, because the TOEFL test is now administered exclusively in an internet-based form with listening and speaking components, verbal skills and auditory comprehension skills are more critical than ever.

Unlike other learning centers, BLC’s teachers are all native English speakers; working in a friendly, one-on-one environment with a native speaker helps each student develop the confidence necessary to succeed on these portions of the exam.

ISEE and SSAT Preparation

Grades 5 through 11

Highly gifted students who wish to enter prestigious private schools must take entrance examinations the December prior to the academic year for which they apply. Students hoping to attend schools on the east coast will take the SSAT, and those hoping to attend schools on the west coast will take ISEE. Both exams are very much like the SAT I, though the difficulty is scaled for the student’s grade level.

Students will prepare for one of three tests: the 5th to 6th grade, 7th to 8th grade, or high school level test. Each student will work in a one-on-one environment with separate math and English teachers who will give him or her the grounding in writing, reading and math necessary for confident, competitive performance on the entrance exam.

PSAT Preparation

Grades 10 through 11

While PSAT scores are not used in college admissions, there are many great reasons to prepare for the PSAT. A strong performance can lead to National Merit scholarships and institutional scholarships. PSAT scores are often a good indicator of preparedness for the real SAT. Your performance will allow you to compare yourself with millions of juniors nationwide, gauge your readiness to apply for top-notch colleges, and provide a confidence boost for the SAT.

The PSAT is administered in October of a student’s junior year. BLC’s intensive summer PSAT program will prepare you for this big step. Once you receive your PSAT scores, BLC tutors will be even better equipped to help you achieve the SAT scores you want.

BLC offers one-on-one tutoring with qualified instructors. Its curriculum is tailored to each student’s strengths and weaknesses, ensuring that everyone achieves his or her maximum score. Be prepared early, from PSAT to SAT!

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