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Total GPA Management

Grades 9 through 12

BLC tutors are very familiar with the curricula at Bellevue High School and surrounding private schools Working closely with our tutors, students will review current units, preview upcoming units, develop essays and other writing assignments, and prepare for quizzes and unit exams.

We ensure that students complete homework thoroughly and efficiently, as well as teach organizational skills that will prepare students for future academic work. At BLC, students can achieve their ideal GPA.

GPA Control

In the Total GPA Management program, the program director will have access to the enrolled student’s online scores and grades, and will monitor the student’s performance closely. She will check homework completion, assign the student to individual tutors as needed to meet GPA goals, communicate regularly with the student’s parents, and counsel the student in choosing challenging academic courses appropriate for his or her level.

This program is ideal for students who are living with host families while studying in the US; it provides the individualized care and challenge each student needs for success, and keeps parents involved in and informed about the student’s progress and achievement even when they cannot be nearby.

The following services are included:

  • Weekly one-on-one counseling
  • Selection of school subjects and tutoring assistance
  • Test preparation for college
  • Analysis of personality type and preferences, learning style, career goals
  • Assistance with internships, community services and activities
  • College application and essays

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